Zimbabwe - The facts
Zimbabwe - The Facts


Zimbabwe has been in the news lately and we have a couple of clients voice concern re “is it safe to travel to Zimbabwe?”, I have been in touch with our partners up there and this is the latest information at hand.


The government increased the cost of fuel and it is now officially sitting at $1.32 per litre, this is in South African Rand terms R18.48 per litre NOT R45 as stated in the media. To explain the confusion; The media price of $3.33(R45) is the ZIM BOND DOLLAR PRICE which is a currency that is lower in value to the US$. Many Zimbabweans do not earn US$’s and hence this has caused a resistance and the recent display of unrest and police action.


The recent unrest has taken place in Harare and the second largest city Bulawayo, Not Victoria Falls which is a quiet town that is 90% driven by tourism. Harare and Bulawayo are many 100’s of kilometers away from Victoria Falls and at the time of writing are both quiet and peaceful. Victoria Falls has not had any reports of unrest and police action, the norm for this iconic town.


I have had confirmation from our partners in Victoria Falls that all is 100% quiet, there has been NO unrest or any displays of police action in and around the town. Vic Falls relies on your tourism $Dollars to be able to survive and many 1000’s of Zimbabweans are reliant on clients coming to the area to enjoy this stunning and peaceful part of the world. All airlines are flying as per normal in and out of Zimbabwe and all road borders are open and operating.


We are monitoring the situation constantly and are in a position to advise clients if there is a change in the current situation, call us, email us, we are here for our clients, 100%. We know that peace and stability will prevail and we understand the concerns our clients have.

The situation reminds me of the recent issues in France re fuel and increases, understandably many people in Europe had concerns about the unrest.  But as in Zimbabwe, the unrest was focused in the main cities and did not affect tourism.


I have just returned back from Victoria Falls and had an awesome time. My family and members of the Maplanga Africa staff will return often this year, it’s what we do, it’s our passion and we love Zimbabwe.

I am available for any concerns directly or call our offices +2711 794 1446
Chris Wood
Director Maplanga Africa, VicFallsConnection, TigerFishingZambezi and ZambeziTube.tv

Source - Maplanga Africa

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